EPG WORKSHOP / Training course. 8-10 June 2017. CSIC Madrid. Spain.

Thursday, June 8th-10th, 2017  (Thursday to Saturday),   (post-HPISymposium Event)


  • Freddy Tjallingii, EPG Systems, Wageningen, Netherlands.
  • Gregory Walker, UCR, Riverside, USA.
  • Alberto Fereres, CSIC, Madrid, Spain
  • Elisa Garzo, CSIC, Madrid, Spain

The PROGRAM of this three-day Electrical Penetration Graph (EPG) course will cover theoretical aspects of EPG and hands-on training. The objective of the workshop will be to train or refresh practical skills of new and old EPG users.

The EPG technique is used in many studies on aphids and other insect herbivores with piercing-sucking mouthparts. It allows users to monitor details of stylet penetration behavior in real time. It has shown to be a powerful tool for studying plant-insect interactions that are important in host selection, plant defense and resistance, and transmission of plant pathogens by piercing-sucking vectors. Recently, EPGs have been used in plant electro-physiology successfully as well.

Morning sessions will have lectures on the background, principles and applications of EPGs, and the interpretation of EPG data. During afternoon sessions, participants will engage in practical training with EPG recording, waveform analysis, and data processing. The afternoon practical training can accommodate a maximum of 16 participants, but the morning lecture sessions on EPG theory can be attended by more.

All participants are requested to present a 10-minute, informal summary of their present or intended future research activities. If possible, EPG results/aims/expectations should be highlighted. If you want more time, contact us in advance; if the schedule permits more time will be allocated.


Preference will be made for beginners and students with limited EPG experience.