Accommodation & Tours


We are holding a number of rooms at the following hotels that are offering good prices at convenient locations:


When making the reservation indicate you are attending the HPIS2017 meeting


Unfortunately the travel agency “Turisferr” that was providing the post-symposium tours will not be able to organize a guided tour to Toledo nor Segovia because there were very few people interested. They received only 5 requests which is not enough to plan a guided tour.

However, there are other travel agencies that organize tours to Toledo and Segovia from Madrid in a personal and convenient way.

One good possibility is to book your tour with “getyourguide” travel agency which operates daily and they answer immediately. They also have a phone number if you want to talk to them. Additionaly, all tours depart from a very convenient place which is not far from the HPIS meeting venue (just few metro stops away) at Las Ventas (bullring square). They can pick you early in the morning of June 8 and take you directly to Segovia and Toledo and bring you back to the same place. I strongly recommend to book the following options to those that are interested.

For Segovia visit:

For Toledo visit:

For those interested to visit both Segovia and Toledo: